Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary dear!


Hye Sayang,

How do you do dear? I'm fine. I hope you are fine too.

A few days ago, we had celebrated our 4th anniversary on 9th September 2011. It was a simple ceremony but yet, i still remembering what we had ate, what we had talked, and what movie we had watched. It's keep rolling in my minds. I never can't stop it. It's realize me how long we have been in a relationship and how far we've gonna through. It makes me smile. =)

Do you remember The Chocolate Banana Brownie's Cake that you loved so much? It's super-duper delicious right? haha. next time we will go there again. ok sweetheart. ^^ but right now, you must remember how lovely my Chocolate's Cake that I brought to you last month. If not, I will smurf you! =D ahah

Orite, I'm going to make a wish for our anniversary day. listen pleasee..oh, I'm wrong. read pleasee...

Happy Anniversary Dear..
After what we went through, I hope this relationship will end with a happy ending story..
We through so many difficulties and come out with the best solution..
I hope you will not disappointing me, and I would try my best to not disappointed you..
It's only using 3 words to describe how feeling I was..

that was the sacred word..

Your Lover,
comeliness zaty

Maceh bace!


  1. Congrats tie. Hehe. Eh tapi apasal qoqoy dah macam besar sikit? Haha.

  2. @fifie
    haha..bese lah pix..lps rye lah katekn..XD

  3. maaf la cuma nak tanya, setahu sy garden tak halal.die ada menyediakan wine. maaf laa tegur cara macam nie.

  4. @Mastura Nazihah Mustafar
    hehe..thnx ats teguran..lps ni kite akn lbh behati2..


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