Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 4 # Your Favorite Photograph of Your Best Friend


Ok. today is about my favorite photograph of my best friend.
I like to show this...

This photo had been taken when we met for our first reunion that were held at Times Square. exciting day! >_<
After more than 5 years we had not met each other, especially me, and then gathered together, it is very very very exciting day for me.
Last I met them on 2001, if I were not mistaken. at that time, I was in standard 6.
We were so little and was a children.
Now we are teenagers and gonna growing up to be an adult.
I'm happy to see them and they are happy to see me. erk, yeke? hehe.
I hope next time we can make this gathering by a big involvement from our friends that not attend at that time.

psstt...the important thing is, this photo had been taken by my best friend. ('',)

Maceh bace!

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